The benefits of Ellagic Acid

The Holling cancer institure has used the Meeker Red Raspberry for their research.   Our product is excusively manufactured from Meeker's red raspberry seed powder.

More reserach is from: College Medicine, University of IL NW University of Medicine Dept. of Preventive Medicine, OH State University.

Research on ellagic acid shows the following benefits:

1. May reduce the risk of esophageal conditions by gathering in the epithelial-cells in the digestive system.

2. May reduce growth of malignat cells in the esophagus.

3. Can cecreases peroxidation of lipids.

4. It is an effective free-radical hunter.

5. May reduce cancer- incidence and growth.

6. Can protects from radiation caused chromosome alteration.

7. May prevent cancer in the liver.

8. May prevent pulmonary cancer.

9. Protect the skin from cancer.

10. May prevent embryo-mutation and carcer development in animal studies when given toxins.

11. Performs i a bio-active mode with quercetin as a cancer scavenger.

Ellagic Acid benefits - Mode of Action

Ellagic Acid as chemical is not not present in plants. But, polymers of Gallic-acid and hexahy-droxydipenoyl (HHDP) are bonded to glucose groups to forms ellagitannins. When 2 Gallic-acid groups are bonded side-by-side in a -tannin molecule an HHDP group is completed. Ellagic Acid is the outcome when the HHDP has cleaved from the -tannin molecule and naturaly re-arrange structure.

Raspberries only contain Ellagitannins not ellagic acid.

Meeker Red Raspberry yields the highest amount of ellagitannins and is therefore is the top source of Ellagic Acid.

Different fruits like strawberries, walnuts and pomegranates deliver very little amounts of Ellagitannins. The bioa-vailability from these alternative sources is not confirmed at this time.

Ellagic acid is a hunter of cancerigenous chemicals, inactivating them, impeding the capacity of other chemicals to trigger abnormal mutations into pathogens Moreover, Ellagic Acid from meeker red raspberries inhibits binding of carcer causing material to DNA, reducing the extent of the condition in cultured cells vulnerable to carcinogens.


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