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The Cure Zone - The CureZone.com / .org web sites are a not-for-profit operating websites.  Websites were created to allow free flow of information with the main focus on : Educating Instead of Medicating. Health and happiness instead of medications. CureZone started as a personal homepage.  Today, members of CureZone are health enthusiasts from over  200 countries from all over the world.

The Mesothelioma Group - which just published a very informative guide to understanding cancer. The Mesothelioma Group also donates to local charities and provides scholarships to victims and their families.

The American Childhood Cancer Society - which helps children battle and overcome cancer.

Health Directory, International Health, Medical Information- InternationalHealthDirectory.com offers a complete information and services for home health, mental health, physical therapy, reproductive health, spa, drugs, diet, aging, coaching, feet, senses, surgery, nutrition and more.

CancerTutor.com - Ellagic acid is a naturally occurring polyphenolic constituent found in 46 different fruits and nuts, like grapes, pomegranate, red raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and walnuts. "[Ellagic acid] prevents the binding of carcinogens to DNA and strengthens connective tissue, which may keep cancer cells from spreading." Ellagic Acid has the ability to inhibit mutations within a cell's DNA. Furthermore, it is considered to be a cancer inhibitor which has the ability to cause apoptosis or normal cell death in cancer cell.

Alternative Cancer Treatment | Cancer Supplement | Cancer Remedy - TyphoniumPlus® - Natural Supplement for Cancer. Effective Herbal Alternative Medicine Treatment Breast/Cervical/Colon/Liver/Prostate/Lung/Leukemia/Tumor solution.

Cancer Information Source - Making Cancer Less Confusing - Cancer Information Source - Making Cancer Less Confusing - Cancer Information Source is a guide to cancer, providing an in depth introduction that is understandable even if you do not have a background in science or medicine.

Diagnosing alzheimer's - Diagnosing Alzheimer's disease is vital in the grand battle of combatting Alzheimers disease and Dementia. Diagnosing Alzheimer's early can hugely improve the one's chances of treatment later down the line. Memory loss and confusion are early indicators of this

Herbal Nutrition Supplements - Herbalife herbal nutritional supplements offer targeted nutritional support for all ages and all needs

Blood Phosphate Level Test - Phosphorus blood levels are tested to determine the amount of the mineral phosphorus in our body. In its free form, phosphorus is present as an ion also known as inorganic phosphate

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Drug Addiction Treatment - Advanced Ibogaine Treatment for Heroin, Alcohol, Meth, Cocaine & Oxycontin Drug Addiction

PolyMVA - PolyMVA is a powerful supplement, comprised of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, which helps repair anaerobic cells without harming healthy cells of the body

Herbal Remedies - Herbal pills store for natural herbal remedies, supplements and pills. Best herbal pills store for your all herbal supplements needs.

Colon Cleansing - Learn everything you need to know about colon cleanse and detox at The Most Popular Colon Cleansing and Body Detox Resource in the World

Home Health Care - Through our trained home nursing professionals, we provide an array of home care services for seniors

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